IN-PERSON EVENT | november 17, 2022 | Madrid, Spain

Join Fast Company, IBM, Intel and your peers at this exclusive event designed to speed up your digital transformation and unleash value in a new world. Business leaders at every level looking for innovative new ways to drive revenue growth are encouraged to attend.

Discover how leading companies are reducing time to market through industry cloud platforms while ensuring security, privacy, and business control. You’ll also hear examples of how organizations are creating newer and richer experiences for their clients that are driving significant revenue growth.

What’s included:

  • A fireside chat and panel discussion led by industry leaders providing actionable results. Sessions will be conducted in Spanish.
  • Purposeful networking and connections with your peers
  • Lunch will be served

Learn how industry leaders make innovation happen in their changing markets, and where these transformations will take us next.

Date & Location:

November 17, 9:45 - 2:00 PM CET

MSi Motor & Sport Institute
Avenida M-40, 1, Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain

Motor & Sport Insititute is a unique space in the motor world - devoted for sport, training and technology innovation. In there, you will be able to see 60 automotive jewels, learn how a professional driver is trained and enjoy one of the best applied technologies to the development of racing cars. 


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