Impact Council virtual meeting faq

How do I access my sessions?

Log in to your agenda page ( to access each session of the day. Sessions you’re signed up for will show on your personal agenda, and links to join each session will be available on June 30. These links are unique to you and should not be shared.


What if I don’t know my password to access my agenda?

You can reset your password here:


Please use the email address at which you’ve received our communications about the event – the system will only recognize that email address. If you still need help, please email us at


What platform are the sessions on?

You’ll access your sessions from our event site on your personal agenda page, but each session will be held on Zoom.


What will the sessions be like, logistically?

We are utilizing both Zoom “meetings” and Zoom “webinars” during this event. Our partner session and breakout session will be on a traditional Zoom “meeting” – when you join, you’ll be asked to turn on your video and will be able to see other participants.


Our morning and afternoon sessions will be held on a Zoom “webinar”. When you join, your video and audio will be turned off, and you’ll be observing the sessions as if you were attending a main stage session at an in-person event. If Q&A is available, we’ll let you know the best way for you to submit your questions at the beginning of the session.


Are there best practices for these sessions?

Yes, please make sure that if you are on video you are mindful of your background and how you are presenting yourself, as these sessions will be recorded. If you have audio controls (partner session & breakouts), please make sure to mute yourself when you are not speaking. 


Where can I view the general agenda?

You can view the general agenda here:

To view your personal agenda, please sign in here:


Who else will be at the event?

Members of our Fast Company editorial team, special guest speakers, and Impact Council members will be in attendance. You can view a list of members who have RSVP’d here. 


How will the breakout sessions work?

We’ll start the session by convening all together. After a short introduction and some housekeeping notes, you’ll be prompted to enter your breakout group of 7-9 members. You’ll discuss your topic with your members until roughly 1:00 p.m. ET, and then you’ll be prompted to leave the breakout room to rejoin the larger group again.


A member of your group will be identified during the session as your spokesperson, and that person will be asked to share the takeaways from your group and your topic. Once every group has shared, we will exit the Zoom meeting before joining the last session of the day.


What is my breakout topic?

Please search your email for the subject line “Your Breakout Topic: Impact Council Virtual Meeting” to find your breakout topic and the editor who will be leading your session. You can view all breakout topics here. 


Will I be able to participate and ask questions in each session?

Each session will be slightly different. We will let everyone know how they can participate at the beginning of each session before we begin content.


Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, this event will be recorded. By participating in the event, you are consenting to our editorial use, in any and all forms and formats, of your name and likeness as well as anything you say during the event. As we do with all of our editorial content, we may transcribe and make our recording and clips available for licensing to third parties for sharing with a wider audience.


Can someone else from my company join during these sessions?

No, unfortunately they cannot. This event is member-only and is not open to additional staff or colleagues.


What if I can’t attend all the sessions?

That’s perfectly fine. Please email us at if you know you cannot attend a session so that we may adjust your agenda.


What if I need help on the day of the event? Is there someone I can contact?

Yes, our community manager Lily Chapin will be on standby for anything you need. You can reach her via email at or You can reach her via phone at 212.389.5414 (call only, not text).