Please find a list of our breakout topics below. Members will be assigned breakout sessions for the annual meeting. Due to scheduling restrictions, we are unable to move members from one session to another. Thank you for understanding.

Corporate Activism: When and How to Speak Out
Leading with Impact: Is It Time to Rewrite the CEO Playbook?
Creative Class: Resiliency Lessons from Art and Artists
Building Better Startups: Instilling Impact at the Start
Tech Refresh: Privacy, Power, and Pathways to Rebuilding Consumer Trust
The Sustainability Imperative: Putting Social Responsibility at the Core of Business
How We’ll Work: Reimagining Jobs and Working Conditions for a Hybrid World
Employee Wellness 2.0: Prioritizing Mental Well-Being
Building an Anti-Racist Workplace: The Real Work of DEI
Rx for Health: Innovating the Way We Provide Care
Beyond Flextime: A Blueprint for Supporting Working Families
Infrastructure as a Force for Good