Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 2:00 PM ET

As digital enterprise expands, the stakes of data security are high. In an analysis of more than 16,000 security incidents, including over 5,000 breaches, Verizon Business found that the median cost per ransomware more than doubled over the past two years to $26,000, with 95% of incidents that experienced a loss costing between $1 million and $2.25 million.


Vigilance against this evolving threat starts with understanding the scope of the problem, from sophisticated ransomware to social engineering. In this important and timely discussion, our moderator Julianne Pepitone will join Verizon Business’s Chris Novak to highlight the key trends and findings of the company’s 16th annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) — and the key takeaways businesses can implement to help reduce their risk.


What You'll Learn
●    Why pretexting incidents have almost doubled since last year, now representing 50% of all social engineering attacks
●    How ransomware is becoming more frequent, and more costly, to businesses, with external actors involved in 83% of breaches
●    What businesses need to know to secure their data against the human element involved in 74% of breaches