Date & Time
Monday, November 4, 2019, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Brand in the Boardroom: Innovating with Purpose
Hosted by R/GA

Innovative brands – regardless of size – all share one common trait: they understand that their brand is one of their greatest assets and use it as a powerful lens to drive innovation.

In this session, R/GA Global Chief Innovation Officer Saneel Radia, and Global Executive Creative Director Mike Rigby will unpack the role of purpose and brand in guiding and scaling corporate innovation efforts. They will be joined by Environmental Sociologist and TED speaker, Rebecca Altman, and the CEO and Chemist of Evolved By Nature, Greg Altman. Evolved by Nature is a groundbreaking green chemistry company that created a scaled business model and brand identity concurrently, all designed to bring new environmentally friendly and human-centric technology to the world at speed. The company worked with R/GA to innovate across partnerships and varying contexts to usher in a movement of health for people and the planet. This session will cover that dynamic journey to illuminate how brand is an effective asset for the world’s most innovative boardrooms. You will learn:

– How fossil fuels gave rise to petrochemicals leading to the materials of everyday life, microplastics and the toxification of the biosphere

– How new green chemistry can remove our dependence on harmful agents – How to use brand-purpose to drive and scale innovation

– How to design a Connected Brand in the Digital Age