Date & Time
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Taking the Runway to the Street
Hosted by Highsnobiety

[FIRESIDE CHAT WITH JEFF AND JIAN] Highsnobiety is a brand dedicated to today’s generation of style-conscious individuals. In a world where being culture-obsessed has become the rule (not the exception), our mission is to turn curious outsiders into cultivated insiders and connect the dots. From day one, Highsnobiety has been at the forefront of contemporary movements, from the explosion of sneaker culture to streetwear’s infiltration of luxury. Hear from Highsnobiety's Managing Director, Jeff Carvalho, and Editorial Director, Jian DeLeon on how to brands can win in an age of 'hype,' create energy and frenzy amongst an audience of Gen-Z and millennial tastemakers, and sustain credibility in a saturated market.

[INTERACTIVE ELEMENT] Highsnobiety to pull timeline/archival items that showcase the trajectory of streetwear (from the Stussy World Tour Tee to Supreme x Louis Vuitton or Supreme Pinball Machine) for guests to experience and see first-hand.