Date & Time
Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Cancel Culture: Accountability in a Connected World
Hosted by Wieden+Kennedy
Kendall Jenner. Justin Trudeau. Dave Chapelle. Bill Gates. They've all been canceled. 
"Cancel culture" originated as a way to provide checks and balances in society—a necessary moderator of behavior to hold brands and public figures accountable. We’ve seen it play out across industries and issues: from general dishonesty to racial insensitivity, and everything in between. 
In this social world, we've all become public figures in our own right. Hyper-connectivity has put us under a microscope, subjecting us to constant scrutiny. We’ve been given the platforms to see and be seen: to cancel others, but to also get canceled ourselves. 
Some argue that society’s proclivity to cancel has snowballed to a point where there’s little room for redemption. And many question if cancel culture helps or hurts us. 
Join Wieden+Kennedy New York in bringing together thought leaders to discuss accountability and tolerance in the era of cancel culture.
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