Date & Time
Monday, November 4, 2019, 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM
How I Got My Startup Funded + the Pitch Deck Teardown
Hosted by Amazon Web Services

AWS helps startups succeed from inception to IPO. And, one way we do this is by providing early-stage founders with the resources to get funded. How do you prospect the right investors, at the right time, and close your round as quickly as possible? Can your pitch deck hold an investor’s attention long enough to articulate a compelling, interesting, and good investment story?

Join us as we talk to top startup leaders on how they scored millions in investments from venture capitalists and what in their pitch deck help move the needle. Hear their startup journey, including the challenges, sacrifices, and how they navigated it all in order to be successful. 

Plus, get an insider's view at how investors dissect pitch decks behind closed doors during our interactive pitch deck teardown session. This rarely-seen-process will pull back the curtains on how investors think about pitch decks and how they evaluate whether or not they’ll invest in your business. Our investor panel will flip through active pitch decks, provide guidance and instant feedback on what the deck does well – and, what it’s lacking.

Learn what’s critical, what’s best left out, and how AWS helps founders perfect a deck that helps you graduate from bootstrapped to Series A.

Networking Opportunity, Happy Hour