Date & Time
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 11:10 AM - 11:50 AM
One of Them Might Grow Up to Be CEO: Kids and the Importance of Digital Civility
Featuring TAMI BHAUMIK, VP of Digital Civility, Roblox, and DR. MICHAEL RICH, Founding Director of Harvard’s Center on Media and Child Health
Join Tami Bhaumik, VP of digital civility at Roblox—the online game for children that just surpassed 1 billion hours of engagement every month–and Dr. Michael Rich, known as the Mediatrician, founding director of Harvard’s Center on Media and Child Health, or a conversation about the value of a connected world for young people, and how they can master the digital realm and nurture themselves and others through respect, empathy, and resilience. The discussion will focus on helping children and teens find a safe place to find their identity, express themselves, build social skills, and will explain how by choosing empowerment over fear, we can help kids not only survive but thrive in a digital world.