Reimagining Brand Strategy for an Uncertain Future
Led by SARAH AITKEN, Chief Marketing Officer, Holler

Date & Time
Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

This year, any rulebook around marketing and brand strategy has gone out the window. But this is not necessarily a bad thing - with these rules overturned, there has been an increased need for creative minds in the C-suite to create new solutions, adapt traditional approaches, and find new standards.

Sarah Aitken, CMO of messaging technology company Holler, will lead a discussion on leveraging creativity to reimagine the ways brands connect with consumers. With a global pandemic, nationwide protests, and other major events, business as usual halted and brands have had to re-evaluate their role in the world — often several times over. The biggest lesson from the past months? Now is not the time to shy away from critical conversations, but to confidently be a part of them. In this session, attendees will share ideas and best practices for meeting consumer needs, ultimately unlocking novel ways of connecting with audiences.

In this session, Sarah will lead a thoughtful and timely discussion around:

  • Tackling the nuances of navigating a brand strategy during a time of layered crises
  • Learning how to be a creative trailblazer within the increasingly more competitive and complex world of digital marketing, and where you can look for new solutions
  • Brainstorming empathetic and innovative ways brands can enter conversations

Drawing from the most up-to-date data from Holler’s platform - which handles over 1 billion messages per day - attendees will discuss best practices for reacting to new consumer sentiments and habits.

Prior to Holler, Sarah spent more than 14 years at global creative agency Iris Worldwide, leading innovative marketing strategies for a wide range of global brands including Sony, Samsung, Yahoo!, and Jeep.