The Innovators Journey: Moving Beyond the Idea
Facilitated by CARLTON LAMAR ROBINSON, Chief Innovation Officer, Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce  


Date & Time
Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Is there a formula for innovation? Sure there is, and during this session, I’ll share a methodology that will help you take those persisting thoughts and ideas that keep you up at night and turn them into reality.

Each innovator has a call to innovate that warrants an individually defined start to their journey. Some of those journeys lend themselves to improved work processes, some create opportunities for advancement, and others lead to the development of entrepreneurial ventures. There are key elements throughout these journeys where culture, support, and vetting energize the innovator to keep going.

Let’s share our experiences and processes from the Innovator’s Journey using three main perspectives that have pushed innovators towards success: corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, and a resource provider.

It’s time to move beyond the ideation phase. In this session we’ll share:

  • Strategies to navigate entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Strategies for cultivating innovation
  • Lessons learned from working with innovators

Carlton is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. He has held entrepreneurial mentoring positions with Startup Weekend, Lean Startup Week (San Francisco), Womens’ Business Centers, and several startups.