Don't Stop Now: How Corporate Citizens Are Leading Purpose Beyond the Pandemic
Presented by Meals on Wheels America
Featuring SUNNY REELHORN PARR, Executive Director, The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger, Zero Waste Foundation; DALILA WILSON-SCOTT, SVP, Community Impact, Comcast Corporation, and President, Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation; and GRACE FARRAJ, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Communications, Fanatics, Inc. and Executive Director, All In Challenge Foundation

Date & Time
Monday, October 5, 2020, 3:00 PM - 3:40 PM

As COVID-19 took hold of our lives, some companies took fast and meaningful action to support the nation’s most vulnerable. And, as civil rights protests escalated, more corporations joined in, lending their resources, using their voices, realigning their values, and committing to action that has changed the lives of millions. However, there is much more that remains to be done. Hosted by Meals on Wheels America, join us for an unfiltered conversation with companies that are using the power of their brands to improve the lives of vulnerable populations in these uncertain times.