The Sound and the Fury: How Bad Audio Affects Our Emotional Well-Being in a WFH World
Presented by EPOS
Featuring JESPER KOCK, Vice President of Research & Development, EPOS; Dr. ERICA WALKER, Founder of Community Noise Lab at the Boston University School of Public Health; and Joel Beckerman, Composer and Founder, Man Made Music

Date & Time
Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of an important Zoom meeting when the speaker’s voice becomes an indecipherable tinny mumble. In a recent survey, 95% responded that their concentration and efficiency suffered due to deficient sound—with 35% reporting frustration or annoyance, leading to diminished confidence or embarrassment. As working from home becomes a more permanent reality for many, we can’t afford to be distracted—or worse—by subpar audio. And the same holds true when we’re back in the office. In this timely and thought-provoking panel, Fast Company and EPOS will discuss the ramifications of bad audio—both on our emotional well-being and your business’s bottom line—and what can be done to address it.