Reimagining Employees as Social Entrepreneurs: How to Cultivate a Purpose-driven, Inclusive Workforce
Presented by Elevate Prize Foundation
Featuring Carolina García Jayaram, Founding Executive Director, Elevate Prize Foundation; Ben Steele, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, REI; Wendy Woods, Managing Director and Senior Partner; Vice Chair of Social Impact, Boston Consulting Group; and Katy Jo Wright, Director, Gaming For Everyone, Xbox
Moderated by Afdhel Aziz, Conspiracy of Love

Date & Time
Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Companies today must operate at the intersection of purpose, culture, and society, with brands expected to play an increasing role in shaping a more inclusive world. To meet the moment for their consumers and employees, executives are looking for ways to take a stand and become a force for change that stretches beyond their core services or product. These two ideas don’t have to be exclusive, however. This panel will dissect the practical ways in which leaders can cultivate a more purpose-driven workforce by putting inclusive innovation at the core of both their business model and corporate culture to shape a better future for their company and world.