we're back in person this year! Sept. 19 - Sept. 22, 2022 / New york city


Priority Pass holders get access

to early session sign-up

We ask that you sign up for sessions in advance as certain types of sessions, such as workshops, have limited capacity. Signing up for sessions will also allow you to add them to your calendar for quick access.



Need to register for the Innovation Festival? You can do so here.


Find your sign-up date

The date you can start signing up for sessions is based on your pass type. Sign-up opens for Priority Passes on September 13 and September 20 for  all other passes: Innovation Passes, Company of Friends Passes, and Keynote Passes.


Sign up

When it’s time for you to start signing up, we’ll send you a reminder email. Or click below when it’s your turn. Each individual attendee must select their sessions, including attendees in a group registration (2 or more attendees under the same registration).


Sign-ups open 09/13 at 1 PM ET


Sign-ups open 09/20 at 1 PM ET


Does it matter what device I use when signing up?

We recommend using a desktop or laptop when signing up for sessions.

Do I have to sign up for all sessions in advance?

Some sessions, such as workshops, have limited capacity and will require advance sign up. Signing up for sessions will help you plan out your days at the festival and allow you to easily access your favorite sessions, and add them to your calendar!

Why am I unable to select a session I want?

When sessions are full or have a time conflict with another session you’ve already selected, you will not be able to select the new session.

Where do I view the sessions I signed up for?

You can view your personal schedule at any time on your personal agenda page. This will also allow you to add your sessions to your calendar for easy access.

How do I change the sessions I signed up for?

You can update your selection at any time through the sign-up link.