The Future of Fintech: How Embedded Finance Is Transforming the Businesses of Tomorrow (Breakfast Included)
Presented by FIS
Featuring Taira Hall, SVP of B2B and Strategic Innovation, FIS, and Stephane Wyper, SVP and Global Head of Venture Investment, FIS

Thursday, September 22, 2022, 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM

As businesses evolve to become digital enterprises, a new lane has opened for aspiring business leaders of every station. For the entrepreneur who never thought they could sell their art, there’s Etsy. For the solopreneur who never thought they could own their time, there’s Uber. For the real estate visionary who never got their license, there’s Airbnb. For the corporate executive who never operationalized their funnel, there’s Salesforce. Embedded finance is the technology movement that is paving this new lane for businesses of every scale, offering platforms that enable innovators to start where they are and grow their niche within the experiences they’re already offering today. In this panel discussion, Fast Company and FIS will explore this space through the people who are creating it in real time, revealing how embedded finance platforms are creating new opportunities for SMBs, established enterprises, and everyone in between.

Taira Hall Stephane Wyper