Innovating Through a Connection Crisis
Hosted by BetterUp x Pernod Ricard x Twilio
Featuring Jonathan Saw, VP, Diversity and Inclusion, Pernod Ricard; Lani Montoya, Chief Human Resources Officer, Pernod Ricard; Jacinta Jiménez, VP, Coach Innovation, BetterUp; Erin Eatough, Senior Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp; and Andrew Wilhelms, VP, Talent Management, Twilio

Thursday, September 22, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Wine and spirits giant Pernod Ricard, communications software company Twilio, and coaching platform BetterUp host an intimate and interactive panel on building a resilient workforce and the importance of prioritizing social connection and belonging in company culture. Attendees will learn the current state of workforce collaboration connection and discuss solutions for fostering community and belonging, which leads to higher performance, productivity, well-being, talent retention, and resilience during uncertainty.

Jonathan Saw Lani Montoya Andrew Wilhelms Erin Eatough