The annual Fast Company Innovation Festival returns to New York City in person this September!

As businesses return to offices or embrace hybrid work, unlocking innovation has never felt more imperative. The 8th annual Fast Company Innovation Festival will feature the leaders, creators, inventors, founders, and artists who are turbocharging innovation in 2022.

With a bustling festival hub, captivating keynotes, bold talks and workshops, and 50+ Fast Tracks—intimate visits to the most dynamic companies across the city—#FCFestival will once again spark creativity, conversation, and innovation.

This year’s festival theme, “Innovation Unbound,” is designed by Fast Company’s editors to arm you with ideas, insights, and tools to help you and your teams navigate the complexities of the modern world with boundless creativity and innovation.



Meet and mingle with new friends from the arenas of tech, design, creativity, fashion, sustainability, healthcare, and more. Thousands of professionals in one place with a common purpose. And of course, join us for cocktail moments, parties, surprise experiences, and so much more!

Exclusive Access

Unparalleled content—from deep talks and conversations both on and off the stage with the most brilliant minds in business to immersive Fast Tracks. Go behind the scenes of leading companies with intimate visits to some of the most dynamic and inspiring organizations across New York City. Each of these visits will be hosted by the company’s leaders at the very offices, studios, and work spaces where their ideas come to life. Hear and engage in expert content fueling better companies, careers, teams, and visions.

Unmatched Industry-Wide Content

Diverse Voices. Visions. Influence. Each year, the Innovation Festival features a robust slate of brilliant, high-profile individuals making a difference in our world, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, notable influencers, and culture-builders. The festival will offer attendees the opportunity to explore innovation and challenge their own creativity with sessions on everything from trends in design and technology to social good, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more.

Personalized Experience

Like a day in New York City, no festival experience is the same! Attendees will curate their own personal agendas, mixing creativity, design, entrepreneurship, leadership, social good, and tech for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience.


Purpose-driven elite leaders from around the world with a passion for innovation and creativity gather to uncover the future of business and culture together. Attendees include C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, senior managers, top-level decision makers, and business professionals.