Date & Time
Monday, September 18, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Mission-Driven Leadership: How to Lead with Purpose and Authenticity
Hosted by General Catalyst
Featuring Toyin Ajayi, Cofounder and CEO, Cityblock Health; Carolyn Childers, Cofounder and CEO, Chief; and Ken Frazier, Chairman, Health Assurance Initiatives, General Catalyst; Former Chairman and CEO, Merck


Just three years after corporations across the U.S. made public DEI commitments, the recent reversal of affirmative action, nationwide boycotts of brands supporting and promoting LGBTQIA+ rights, and widespread scrutiny of corporations’ ESG efforts, leaders at all levels find themselves navigating evolving expectations from stakeholders while also staying true to their values. In this discussion, a panel of CEOs will address the alarming changes within our social landscape.

At a time when brands are seemingly scaling back on their commitments, Ken Frazier, executive chairman and former CEO of Merck & Co.; Carolyn Childers, cofounder and CEO of Chief; and Toyin Ajayi, cofounder and CEO of Cityblock Health will discuss why it’s critical for business leaders to remain authentic to their mission and values—and how it’s possible to have conviction without jeopardizing the bottom line.

Session Type
Fast Track
Leadership and Inclusion