Date & Time
Monday, September 18, 2023, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

AI’s Art Heist: Copycat AI and the Future of Artists’ Rights
Hosted by Critical Mass
Featuring Val Carlson, Chief Creative Officer, Critical Mass; Ara Kurnit, Chief Innovation Officer, Critical Mass; and Nova Lorraine, Renowned Artist and Entrepreneur


The onset of generative AI is nothing short of a watershed moment for the arts. Our society is facing complicated questions about how AI both amplifies and undermines creativity. For artists already at the mercy of the brands they work with, it’s an even scarier prospect when AI tools begin copycatting their hard-earned, distinctive styles. As brands dive headfirst into AI, what caution signs do they need to heed along the way? And how can brands equitably partner with artists to leverage AI as a creative accelerator?

In this session, attendees will hear from Critical Mass’s chief creative officer, an artist, and an AI expert on how brands and agencies can navigate the use of AI with equity, respect, and creative optimism.

Session Type
Fast Track
Creativity, Tech
Lower Manhattan