Date & Time
Monday, September 18, 2023, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Revolutionizing Mental Health Design for All with CannonDesign
Hosted by CannonDesign
Featuring Lynn McClouchic, SVP, CannonDesign; Dylan Coonrad, Creative Director, CannonDesign; and Stephanie Vito, Mental and Behavioral Health Architect, CannonDesign


As the mental health crisis gripping our nation demands urgent attention, we have the opportunity to completely reimagine how our world can nurture mental health from all angles. From workplaces to grocery stores and the public art that adorns our cityscapes, every aspect of our built world can be consciously designed to nourish mental health. This session aims to identify fresh avenues for mental health–centered design throughout entire communities and cities.

You’ll participate in a group discussion about the mental health crisis followed by facilitated design-thinking workshops aimed at revealing new opportunities for proactive mental health design strategies. By pushing mental health design strategies further upstream, we can help people long before they experience a crisis. Together, we can reshape our communities to promote mental well-being for all.

Session Type
Fast Track
Social Good, Wellness
Lynn McClouchic Dylan Coonrad