Date & Time
Thursday, September 21, 2023, 2:35 PM - 3:05 PM

Gut Check: Unlocking Breakthroughs in the Microbiome Industry
Featuring Colleen Cutcliffe, Cofounder and CEO, Pendulum Therapeutics, and Halle Berry, Actor, Producer, Director, and Chief Communications Officer, Pendulum Therapeutics


The supplements market has grown for at least a decade as more people lean in to healthier lifestyles. But as the wellness industry overall has grown, so has consumer confusion on what products are actually effective. So what does science-backed product innovation look like—and how are companies cutting through cluttered shelves? Delve into one company’s approach in this conversation with Colleen Cutcliffe, cofounder and CEO of microbiome startup Pendulum Therapeutics, and actor, producer, and director Halle Berry, the company’s newly appointed chief communications officer.

Session Type
Entrepreneurship, Wellness
Convene – Main Stage Presented by Capital One
Halle Berry Colleen Cutcliffe