Date & Time
Monday, September 16, 2024, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Confronting Loneliness with Powerful Questions and Powerful Play
Hosted by Sloomoo Institute and GoodQues


Amid a highly publicized loneliness epidemic, there’s something we’ve lost: an innate element of human connection that we forgot or misplaced when we were “digitally distanced”. Connections used to come much easier, but digital and social technology has divided us – especially in younger generations – and now connection is work. We need to put in an effort to connect with other people. That effort can be play, or deep questions, or gathering with meaning. It’s not only important for our mental health to regain a sense of connection, but “microdosing joy” is essential for fueling the creative process; without some spark to connect, innovation is less possible – and joyful innovation is impossible. Through the lens of new research of the proven power of play and connection, being debuted at this very presentation, we’ll explore the role of slime in feeling connected to your emotions, how asking better questions can enable empathy and connective communication for more meaningful answers, and how to align ideas, communities and futures towards a more shared, connective world.

Session Type
Fast Track