From Crickets to "Aha" Moments: Harnessing the Brain Science of Insight to Generate Creative Momentum
Featuring Emma Sarro, PhD, Director of Research - North America, NeuroLeadership Institute and Christine Chesebrough, PhD, Research Scientist, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research


Do your brainstorms stall out? Do your efforts toward problem-solving and innovation lack momentum? It's not about how brilliant you or your team are, it's about how you manage the process of creative problem-solving. In this interactive session, led by NeuroLeadership Institute’s director of research, Emma Sarro, and research scientist Christine Chesebrough, you'll learn about the neuroscience of insight, why brainstorming often fails, and the techniques for how to generate "aha" moments that inspire creativity and accelerate buy-in when tackling challenging problems.

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Leadership and Inclusion