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Reimagining Tomorrow: How AI and Emerging Technologies Can Be Used Responsibly to Reshape Healthcare for Good
Kerrie Holley - Optum
Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD - The Medical Futurist Institute

A wave of innovation that’s transforming a variety of industries is also showing up in an area important to every human life: healthcare. From artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, to genomics and blockchain, game-changing technologies are beginning to enable better healthcare experiences and outcomes. But how do we ensure responsible advances with positive impact on society? In this forward-thinking talk, Fast Company and Optum will convene leading minds at the intersection of tech and health to take you through changes and trends revolutionizing how we manage health at the individual and community levels. Key learnings and real-world examples will be shared in how to adapt these technologies and how, if put into practice responsibly, they are also used to serve the greater good.