Breakout Sessions

Curated to spark meaningful dialogue, breakout sessions will offer interactive discussions featuring leaders of Most Innovative Companies past and present. Conversations will seek to   highlight trends in business and best practices in areas such as advertising, design, finance, progressive leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Each day attendees will be able to attend 2 breakout sessions. 

Breakout sessions include:

  • "Smart Money: How Investors Spot and Nurture the Most Innovative Companies"
  • "What It Means to Be a Cult Brand in 2021"
  • "The Cutting-Edge of Equity and Inclusion: How Innovators are Reinventing Diversity in the Workplace"
  • "Leading with Speed and Purpose: Secrets of the Most Inspiring CEOs"
  • "Remote Control: Cultivating Creativity in the Virtual Workplace"
  • "Capitalizing on Cool: Companies Setting the Cultural Agenda and Staying Ahead of Trends"
  • "When Madison Avenue Meets the Public Square: The Politics of Advertising in the Age of Protest"
  • "We’re All Design Companies Now: Why Your Business Needs Human-Centered Design"
  • "Beyond Resilience: Building a Business That Gets Better with Adversity"
  • "From Goodee to Great: A conversation with Dexter and Byron Peart"
  • "Misinformation 101: Inside the Race to Stop the Spread of Distortions, and What It Means for Business"