DWEN Powerhouse Summit | October 27, 2022

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WE Cities Power Places Panel

Calling all movers, doers, and stop-at-nothing changemakers! Participate in DWEN’s WE Cities Power Places Panel a virtual, interactive event with Dell Technologies, Renegade Founder Amy Jo Martin and others as we establish a new, shared understanding of modern women entrepreneurs and technology; and offer recommendations on how business owners and regional officials can embolden more WEs through scale by improving systems from the inside out.

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“Spin to Win” Rewards

DWEN Members have the chance to win Dell discounts, entrepreneurial coaching sessions, exclusive resources – and that is just the beginning! Click the rewards spinner for a chance to unlock a prize, as a thank you for participating in the DWEN Powerhouse Summit. Rules and Regulations apply, accessible to DWEN Members only.

Chapter or Special Interest Event

Maximize your experience and join a post Summit Meet-Up

In the weeks following Summit, join virtual meet-ups hosted by leaders of select DWEN chapters and special interest groups. Reconnect with those you met during the event to reflect on what you’ve learned, discuss new data and insights, and share your experiences on the founder’s journey during these virtual, high-impact and productive networking events. RSVP to receive event information.

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Join the year-round DWEN network of women entrepreneurs

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) connects female entrepreneurs around the globe with networks, knowledge and insight that gives them power to do more. As a DWEN member, you get access to an incredible mix of resources that include local chapters / special interest groups, live webinars, a robust on-demand library and much more.


Intel vPro® Platform: Built for Business

What is Intel vPro®? When you choose the Intel vPro® platform, you’re getting everything your business needs to thrive. This integrated platform has the latest PC technologies designed into one validated solution built to provide what IT needs and employees want. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, devices built on the Intel vPro® platform have features that start delivering value right away.


How Can You Protect Your Employees, Customers, and the Bottom Line?

Today, the most forward-thinking companies are taking measures to protect the sensitive data entrusted to them by customers. When approximately 43% of data breaches target small businesses,1 at an average cost per breach of $101,0002, it goes without saying that security should be an essential part of any business strategy. But having a dedicated IT security position on staff doesn’t have to be. In this small- business digital security toolkit, we’ll outline a few basic steps businesses of any size can take to help protect their employees, their customers, and the bottom line.

Hello Alice

Learn How to Grow and Improve Your Business on Hello Alice

Access a personalized collection of key activities to help find the correct answers for your business. Each Milestone features step-by-step guides with downloadable templates, curated recommendations, and actionable advice. And along the way, we’ll ask you a few questions that will help us tailor your Milestone experience so you can spend less time searching and more time building your dream small business!

Hello Alice

Get Capital You Need for Your Small Business on Hello Alice

The Hello Alice Small Business Funding Center is a single, streamlined resource that connects you with the capital you need for your small business. Whether you’re looking for grants, credit, or loans, we have a variety of solutions to help you get clear on what funding is available to your business and what options might best fit your goals.