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12:30 PM
Registration and Light Lunch
1:30 PM
Opening Remarks
1:35 PM
Artificial Intelligence: The next generation of digital disruption

A look at what’s next with Liesl Yearsly, Founder and CEO of aKin and founder of AI platform, Cognea.

1:55 PM
Inside the Innovation Journey of Trusted AI and Hybrid Cloud By Design

While generative AI introduces a revolutionary change in how businesses engage with and scale AI, few enterprises have the skills and infrastructure needed to implement it. Organisations are exploring strategies to maximise their existing investments while deploying AI in a manner that addresses security and ensures compliance within industry and geographic requirements, including data sovereignty. In this session, learn how the latest industry and technology trends successfully foster AI innovation and how to deploy a hybrid cloud by design architecture to drive growth. Top executives will share examples of how hybrid cloud architecture is keeping their workload placement decision central to digital strategy with a focus on resiliency, performance, security and compliance.

2:30 PM
What’s New and What’s Next for Australian Regulated Industries In An Era of AI

Today, regulated industries need to keep up with the evolving landscape encompassing risk management, security, compliance, data privacy, and adapting to evolving requirements. For example, data sovereignty in Australia has shaped the regulatory landscape by introducing laws to protect sensitive information, but has also influenced how businesses manage data storage and processing. Hear how leading organisations can quickly achieve regulatory compliance while prioritizing resiliency and performance of their mission-critical workloads.

2:50 PM
The Future of Payments: Disruption or Opportunity?

While real-time payments are becoming mainstream, recent technological developments are challenging traditional financial services and payment business models. In addition to the elimination of checks by 2030, Australia’s payments landscape will change dramatically in the coming years to embrace emerging technologies. Learn how cloud and the application of generative AI to payments will revolutionize how new services are built and delivered, while providing key insights and opportunities for financial services providers and their clients.

3:15 PM
Transformation Showcase: How to Deliver Results Right Now

As businesses evolve to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers, cloud-based solutions must deliver—and anticipate and exceed what’s to come around the corner—or be hit with a wall of complexities as workload varieties increase. Hear from top technology leaders as they share their latest applications and creative approaches with true hybrid cloud-by-design approaches.

3:40 PM
Modernise or Be Left Behind - An Innovation Strategy Session

Digital transformation is not a one-time event, it’s a journey that is critically important for every organisation as they adopt modern technologies to deploy hybrid cloud by design strategies. How do you leverage trusted AI at scale to facilitate smarter ideas, faster executions, and greater innovation at every stage? How do you create a culture that drives these outcomes? In this strategic discussion, hear the latest industry intelligence needed to inform business strategy and best practices for driving it in the next 12 months.

4:00 PM
Guest Speaker

In this presentation, Molly shares her award-winning experiences of competing in the adrenaline fuelled world of motorsport, an extreme sport dominated by men, where success requires elite teamwork, absolute trust, confidence and the ability to work under pressure. She explores the power of role models and what can be accomplished when we look beyond gender and traditional stereotypes. She also shares strategies that propel us to operate out of our comfort zone and truly push ourselves to the limit because only by going all in, can we truly uncover what’s possible.

4:30 PM
Networking Reception