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Why Good Regulation (Yes, Regulation) Will Drive the Next Wave of Innovation in Fintech and Banking

While headlines focus on the negatives of crypto, innovations in fintech and banking continue to drive positive results across the business world. The common threads driving these success stories are cloud services, security, and smarter regulation. In this timely panel conversation, industry thought leaders will reveal the latest insights on what is working, where the next phase of fintech will lead us, and how your business can take advantage.

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Quantum and High-Performance Computing IRL: What’s New and What’s Next

The first phase of quantum computing involved proving the scientific theories could be translated to reality. High-performance computing used to mean supercomputers the size of small buildings. Now, zettabytes of data flow through the cloud to access quantum and high-performance computing to solve the most complex business challenges quickly, enabling faster insights and a competitive advantage. Learn what this means for the future of business from some of the leading minds in the field in this forward-thinking panel discussion.

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Do We Really Need Distributed Cloud? Isn’t My Current System Enough?

If the pandemic taught us nothing else, it is that the world and our global economy is smaller and more connected than we ever thought. That means business of all kinds and sizes need to be prepared to work in nearly any location—and run their workloads in nearly any location. Increasing rules and regulations on data residency can be tricky for compliance; with increasing workload size, latency issues can be cumbersome for large volumes of data. Distributed Cloud can be a solution. Join experts to hear some recent examples of how these challenges have been overcome and new innovations installed across the globe.

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Dunks, Drafts, and Digital Transformation: A Conversation With the Philadelphia 76ers’ Fan-Hal Koung

Similar to the business world, the NBA is experiencing a profound shift as new innovations and insights driven by real-time data are truly changing the game. Advanced data and analytics are shifting everything from how rosters are put together to in-game strategy to upgrading the fan experience. In this compelling conversation, you’ll hear one of the NBA’s top executives share how their organization elevated their transformation game to a championship level.

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