11:00 AM – 11:08 AM EST

Welcome Remarks
Featuring Ben Baer, VP & Executive Editor, FastCo Works and Howard Boville, SVP & Head of IBM Cloud Platform

11:08 AM – 11:38 AM EST

Why Good Regulation (Yes, Regulation) Will Drive the Next Wave of Innovation in Fintech and Banking
Featuring Aly Farooqui, Chief Risk Officer, Financial Services Cloud, IBM; Mathew McDermott, Global Head of Digital Assets, Goldman Sachs; Troy Leach, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloud Security Alliance; Gabe Rosenberg, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
Moderated by: Julianne Pepitone, Moderator, FastCo Works

11:38 AM – 12:09 PM EST

Quantum and High-Performance Computing IRL: What’s New and What’s Next
Featuring Katie Pizzolato, Director, Quantum Theory & Computational Science, IBM Quantum; Hillery Hunter, CTO & GM of Innovation, IBM Infrastructure
Moderated by: Greg Lindsay, Moderator, FastCo Works

12:09 PM – 12:41 PM EST

Do We Really Need Distributed Cloud? Isn’t My Current System Enough? 
Featuring Nataraj Nagaratnam, CTO for Cloud Security, IBM Fellow; David Boland, Vice President Cloud Strategy, Wasabi Technologies
Moderated by: Julianne Pepitone, Moderator, FastCo Works

1:04 PM – 1:04 PM EST

Closing Remarks
Featuring Ben Baer, VP & Executive Editor, FastCo Works

12:41 PM – 1:04 PM EST

Dunks, Drafts, and Digital Transformation: A Conversation With the Philadelphia 76ers’ Fan-Hal Koung 
Featuring Fan-Hal Koung, Assistant General Manager, Philadelphia 76ers
Moderated by: Ben Baer, VP & Executive Editor, FastCo Works