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Breakfast & Networking
9:30 AM
Eliminating Bias: The Voices of Representative AI

The era of artificial intelligence is upon us but this seismic shift should not repeat the errors of the past by institutionalizing certain biases - unconscious or not. This urgent and topical panel will unpack the innovations, insights and initiatives that are identifying and expunging bias in AI. Tapping diverse leaders, voices and visionaries in this space, Fast Company and Booz Allen will illuminate what can be done now by companies and individuals. From the inside out, and outside in, the voices of representative AI are up and rising, and here we will bring to the forefront one of the most tangible ways the technology can bring equity to our world of work and life.

10:20 AM
10:40 AM
The Front Lines of Innovation: Where to Place the Next Big Bets in Tech

While the epicenter of innovation is widely assumed to be on the campuses of Silicon Valley, the truth is that world-changing ideas are springing up across the U.S. The interplay between private and public sectors is unlocking transformative technologies, insights, and strategies that is radically reinventing life, work, talent, and global structures. In this illuminating discussion, a panel of experts will reveal the groundbreaking innovations that government and private industry are bringing to light, both collectively and on their own. From artificial intelligence to big data to robotics, purpose-driven innovation is poised to forge new benefits for humankind.

11:30 AM
11:50 AM
Digital Transformation, and the CEO as “Chief Ethics Officer”

The technological innovations of the last decade have transformed businesses in myriad ways, enabling employees to be vastly more productive, unleashing innovation in business models and processes, and for many companies, allowing for exciting reinvention. But digital transformation increasingly brings cultural, moral, and ethical questions—tied to a broader conversation many business leaders are having around inclusive capitalism and the generational shifts toward greater transparency—about the ways leaders navigate and deploy radical tech solutions in a fast-moving world.

This panel discussion will dig into the ways CEOs need to think about the entire ecosystem of stakeholders as they embrace advanced technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and other nascent applications, and as leaders, how they lead important, cross-disciplinary conversations about values and ethics of tech.

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Networking Luncheon