Perspectives from the Top Minds In Business and Innovation

Sunday, March 15  •  9:00am–1:45pm 
Capital Factory •  Austin, TX

We are on the cusp of another major shift in the way we work and live - a move from the information era into a new age - an age of intelligence. From augmented to artificial, this transformative shift in intelligence capability will likely dictate who are this decade’s winners and losers. How do we prepare for these dramatic changes? What can we do to make sure there is a level playing field as these technologies disrupt the status quo?

Join experts, visionaries and innovators for a morning of engaging discussion as we explore what the dawn of this new age means and the strategies for how we can all benefit at this Age of Intelligence event presented by Fast Company and Booz Allen Hamilton.


Attendees can register for all or individual panel discussions. View the full panel descriptions here.

9:00 AMBreakfast & Networking
9:30 AMEliminating Bias: The Voices of Representative AI
10:40 AMThe Front Lines of Innovation: Where to Place the Next Big Bets in Tech
11:50 AMDigital Transformation, and the CEO as “Chief Ethics Officer”
12:45 PMNetworking Luncheon


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